Preconstruction Investment – Strategies to Maximize Profits

Nobody takes up investing for the purpose of losing money. Generating profits, the bigger the better, is always the goal. However, for any type of investing there are strategies that will almost guarantee poor results and other strategies that will give you the best chance of making money. Here are some simple but powerful strategies that will help you maximize the profit from your preconstruction investment.

Invest Smart

You should decide on your investment criteria before getting involved. What kind of properties are you interested in? What is your preferred return period? How much money can you invest without risking your home or your financial future? All these criteria are personal and specific to your circumstances.

Learn what questions to ask about the prospective investment. What is the state of the local market for buyers and renters? Are there any restrictions on the sale that will reduce your ability to profit?

Establish a clear formula to determine the amount of reward relative to the risk. Is the investment right for your personal goals? A deal that makes sense to another investor may not be a smart investment for you. When in doubt, say no. There will always be other opportunities.

Understanding how to evaluate an investment is a skill that takes time to develop. If possible, seek out a mentor who is successful in preconstruction investment and can show you how to weigh all the factors, including some that may not have occurred to you.

One last point about investing smart – invest where the prime real estate is. Not every location has the right market conditions for profitable preconstruction investing. If there are no worthy investments in your vicinity, look elsewhere.

Get in Early

Timing is everything. Try to get in on the preconstruction deal on or before the first day of sale to the public. Early involvement can let you take advantage of extra incentives and lower prices. In fact, the developer may plan price increases during the preconstruction selling period, so waiting will cost you.

Part of getting in early is learning about potential deals early. Network with other investors. Get on the notification lists of brokers and developers so you’re the first to hear about upcoming projects.

Another aspect of getting in early is the ability to rapidly pick out the best investments, make a decision, and then follow through all the necessary steps without delay. The best deals may not allow you the luxury of time to ponder. This goes back to the point about investing smart. If you can evaluate an investment quickly, you can act quickly.

Work as a Team

Working with a group of like-minded investors can be the best way to gather information about investments. There are many questions to ask and a large amount of data to put together, so dividing up the workload can make things easier for everyone. A group also brings together more buying power. This may give all of you access to better investment opportunities. As a single investor you probably won’t merit any special treatment from the developer. However, if you and 15-20 other serious investors state an interest and ask the developer for concessions, you may very well get them.

Clearly, developing strategies to maximize your investment return is a far better option than throwing money into random real estate projects and hoping for the best. Make it a point to learn the strategies used by experts in preconstruction investing. Then apply them to your own investment activity and watch your profits grow.

Pay Back Tax on Houses As Your Investment Strategy – Skip Mortgage Foreclosures

Property will always be a rock-solid investment – if you play your cards right. If you want to be successful at property investing, you’ll need to do your homework first, and learn which type of property is the most profitable. Lots of rookies go straight for mortgage foreclosure property – and overlook tax foreclosure property, the big winner. If you pay back tax on houses as your investment strategy, you’ll come out ahead of mortgage foreclosure investors every time.

There is one huge, massive, overarching reason: when you pay back tax on houses in order to buy them, they usually don’t have a mortgage. Since they will lose their interest in a house lost to tax sale, mortgage companies keep taxes up to date. So most tax properties will be free from liens, leaving the equity up for grabs. These will be your best opportunity to make a lot on a small investment.

And the other reason why tax property is the smart investment? Use this big insider tip, and you’ll get it for next to nothing – often $200 or less. (You’ll still have to pay back tax on houses you buy this way, but you won’t have to pay much more!) You’ll need a lot more cash if you want to buy a rehabber, or a mortgage foreclosure (again, because of the mortgage payments.)

So how to get these properties, as for as little as $200? A clue: there’s no bidding involved.

You’ll get this property after the auction. Towards the end of the year after tax sale – when owners can still redeem – you’ll find a type of owner that you’ll want to buy from. These owners don’t want the burden of property ownership, and are avoiding dealing with it by just giving it to the government for taxes. (Heirs, landlords, absentee owners, etc.) These owners are often willing to sign the deed over for whatever money you offer them – they just want it gone. Once you’ve gotten their deeds, just pay back tax on the houses, and they’re yours!

If you want to start profiting off of property, this is, far and away, the best way to go about doing it. Learn to pay back tax on houses, and skip mortgage foreclosures, and you’ve taken a few years off your “learning curve” to real estate success. You’ve got nothing to lose by giving this method a shot! Want foreclosures? There’s a ton of them out there, right now especially. Don’t miss the opportunity!

Smart Investing Strategies For Beginners and Old Timers Alike

Whether you’ve been investing for years or are new to the game you can always use new smart investing strategies. Following are some strategies that have worked for me.

– Know your stuff. I always do extensive research before I get started. So many people just jump into an investment head first without really understanding what they’re getting into. I make sure that I fully understand the risks involved and have a detailed business plan written so I can track my progress.

– Don’t be afraid to take a risk. Understanding your risk does not mean that you should shy away from it. All of my most lucrative investments involved risk – it’s how you get a huge return on your money. The key is to minimize and understand your risks.

– Diversify. If you have several different investments working for you at once, if one of them doesn’t worked out as planned you’ll still have several others to fall back on and earn your losses back.

– Keep your money moving. Try and focus on short term investments that can yield quick returns. This will enable you to reinvest back into the market and compound your returns, which will lead you to much larger financial gains than if you focused solely on long term gains.

I’ve found that these smart investment strategies work well for everyone. The main goal is to simply know what you’re getting into and keep your money constantly in motion to receive the maximum returns on your money that are possible.

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