Stock Investment Strategy – Are Penny Stocks Right For You?

Penny stocks are named based on literal as well as perceived value. Penny stocks aren’t always valued at a penny per share. Some may be as high as a dollar. Many people shy away from them because they appear to offer the lure of getting something for nothing. If the amount of money that you have available for stock trading is limited investing in penny stocks could be a smart stock investment strategy for you.

For example, the recent closing price for Google was $438.77 per share. To purchase 100 shares you would need over $43,000 available. If Google went to $440.77 per share your total earnings on your $43,877 investment would be a mere $200 or a 0.4% return on investment.

On the other hand if you purchased 1000 shares of a stock at 10¢ per share, and that stock went to 15¢ per share, your $100 becomes $150 or a cool 50% profit. If that 10¢ stock instead went to a dollar or even $10.00 per share, your earnings would look awesome indeed. You do the math.

Penny stocks often have extremely high trading volumes. When an investor can buy such a huge number of shares with $1,000 or $10,000, it can leave the volume patterns for a penny stock looking similar to one of the S&P 500. This high trading volume can also lead to very high volatility. A stock may reach an all time high and stay there for only minutes.

As with any stock, you should always do your own homework and trading experts seem to agree that if you do trade penny stocks you should probably do that homework twice. Know the profitability of the company. Be very aware of the trends associated with this stock and its industry. Make a game plan and stick to it. Buy a stock only at the price you intended to buy it and sell it at the price you intended to sell it, always protecting yourself with a stop loss order to prevent you from losing everything if the price happens to crash.

As always, never ever let emotion enter into your trade. For some people, penny stocks offer the same excitement as of nickel slot machine. And many of these people walk away from penny stocks as broke as when they leave those nickel slot machines.

I tend to receive a lot of e-mail stock tips about penny stocks. I have never purchased a stock based on one of these tips alone. There were a couple of times when I looked into the company and it appeared that I could make a solid trade. However, my buy price never came around so I didn’t buy the stock.

As part of your all overall stock investment strategy you may want to consider putting some of your investment money into penny stocks. Keep the amount of money limited-not more than 10% of your total trading cash-and look over every stock trading opportunity with a fine toothed comb. As you develop skill and experience as a stock trader you will come to know the fact that the deal of the century tends to come up several times a day. You just have to know how to find it.

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