What Makes Land Banking the Excellent Investment Strategy?

One should really have a decent portfolio to have a better future. Your portfolio should have at least one house property, land, precious stones and metals, bonds, etc. But having a property of land will surely prove best for one’s wealth building plan and retirement plan.

So, here are some great land banking strategies one can use for their retirement plans and for building their wealth but, before that we will have a small understanding of what actually it means.

Land banking is a method of buying huge parcels of pre-developed land and then waiting for it to raise its value in future. Land bank process needs lots of patience as the value of land increases gradually.

So, what makes it the excellent investment strategy?

Setting-up Stage: It includes submitting ideas plans to the authorities to get the correct planning authorization. By way of proper planning one can fetch huge amount of future gains.

Growth Stage: Once you are done with the setting-up stage, you can now start buying of more pieces of pre-developed land provided the amount of money you have in your pocket. The more you gather the more you gain. So, buy more hold it and see amazing gains is the whole idea of this stage.

Giving-out Stage: When you are closing on your retirement, you should develop a smart selling-out strategy so that you will be able to fetch all your future goals and other plans. The main aim is to sell-out your property to the best end-user like commercial or residential developer, broker or someone from whom your will get the best price for your years of hold. If this stage works out well then you will get tremendous appreciation for your land.

This way land banking investments proves to be an excellent investment strategy. If it is done in a right manner, it has the potential to return higher-than-average investment gains in the long term. It offers highest returns with a very low risk involved. Find out a reliable real estate company like Ace Capital Group and benefit from the best investment strategic plan.

What is the Best Investment Strategy For Me?

I often hear clients asking what is the best investment strategy for their particular circumstance and it Raises the question. What is the best Investment Strategy?

My response is always “All of them”. How can I say that? Well a diverse wealth portfolio will always provide the best of all worlds.

I have a friend who will swear black and blue that Property is the way to invest. Well there are actually two types of property investors. The “passive” investor is the type of property investor that buys a property with a view to collect the passive income and accumulate capital growth over the long term. An active Property investor is the type of investor that actively looks for deals coming onto the market, will purchase an option on that home, usually with extended settlement and then sell for a profit.

Some choose the stock market. There are also two ways to invest into the stock market. Most Mum and Dad type investors look at purchasing a “Blue chip share” with the long term view of holding that share for the long term, again the strategy here is to earn long term growth. The second option within stocks is to choose a short to mid term investment strategy and trade on a day to day scenario. This type of investment strategy can be one of the most thrilling and exciting strategies there is. It also carries with it the most risk and those that become victims of the global financial crisis are testament to that risk.

Business is also an excellent investment strategy. It is an often overlooked way to invest funds, however there are more and more vehicles becoming available to invest into multiple levels of business with minimal risk and maximising returns.

The key to any investment strategy is to choose wisely and diversify your portfolio. Even starting on a small scale, you can choose to invest into “smart” investments that minimise risk and maximise your return. The trick is to do your homework, set goals and choose wisely.